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Astrid Frischknecht
Senior Partner
Tel.: +41 79 700 72 97

Anti-Littering Thurgau

Development of strategies to discourage littering

The Kanton Thurgau in Switzerland sought to design a holistic campaign against littering that also addresses problems such as vandalism and disturbance of peace. In cooperation with Ernst Basler + Partner, seecon led this project creating an interdisciplinary platform with representatives from the community, industry, associations and schools to implement a broad package of measures at the local level. This platform informed the different communities and towns around Thurgau and provided practical support to overcome littering problems.

In this project, seecon explored new strategies against littering that went beyond fines and prohibitions. seecon introduced the concept of “Zivilcourage” to develop how each individual could engage around littering while also developing an overall strategy for the entire community. Zivilcourage is the fearless behavior of each person in our daily life as opposed to silent acceptance. This concept is strongly connected to the one of “New Authority” by Haim Omer. The approach strengthens each individual through networking with other people, associations, schools or authorities, in a way that they all together stand up for common values. On this basis, communities can act preventively against littering by creating parent-patrols, local associations, action circles or authority groups, among others.