Project Location

Middle East (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Kurdistan (Iraq))


Lillian Volat
Project Manager

Aline Bussmann
Project Manager
Phone: +962 790 801872

cewas middle east

seecon is responsible for the development, management and implementation of this regional water business development programme in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan (Iraq). The programme fosters the development of sustainable business models and viable innovations in water, sanitation and solid waste management in the Middle East, targeting existing businesses, Start-ups and NGOs.

For this purpose, the programme implements 3 one-year business development courses, including business competitions, lecturing, coaching & management of all participants and contents (idea generation, business model development, business plan development, operating and managing water companies, technical issues, foundation process, legal issues). An additional 12 training courses are organized for water professionals to facilitate the development of financially viable and innovative solutions for water and sanitation challenges relating to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Furthermore, within this programme, seecon is preparing the knowledge management Toolbox of Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management in Humanitarian Crisis in English and Arabic, with a collection of software and hardware tools for the implementation of SSWM initiatives in 4 different scenarios: camps, prolonged camps, urban settings and rural settings. The Toolbox in Humanitarian Crisis also contains the translated version of the eawag compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies.

As part of the cewas Middle East Program, seecon is in charge of the development of the SuSana Middle East Regional Chapter, in order to enhance regional capacity to implement sustainable sanitation and water management.

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