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Georges Dumont
Senior Partner
Phone: : +41 79 201 53 31

Strategy Development / Excellence (EFQM)

Business Consulting and Development

Where do you want your organisation to be in a few years time? You might have ideas or broad-brush goals. But how do you clarify these visions, how do you bring your executive management members on board and how do you share your visions, so that everyone involved understands and works along the same planned path to success? To this end, you need a participative strategy-development-process which involves the relevant stakeholders and provides an accurate analysis of your current state and a projection of your future potentials.

Only clarifying your strategy doesn’t suffice. You have to think about how you know that you really are on track and that your organisation is improving. The EFQM excellence model provides an established framework for helping drive improvement throughout the organisation and to achieve first-rate results.