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Astrid Frischknecht
Senior Partner
Tel.: +41 79 700 72 97

Faire Ferien

Sustainable and affordable tourism

Founded in January 2014, the association Faire Ferien (translated as “fair holidays”) based in Biel implements sustainable tourism “in practice”. Faire Ferien focuses on countries and regions with sparsely developed infrastructure. Carefully built relationships with the locals allow guests a personal encounter with the residents, their traditions and everyday life. Travelling takes place only in small groups, which are accompanied by the association. This ensures guest satisfaction locally and improves the quality of life of the locals, as the journey revenues benefit them directly. For Swiss travellers the holiday should be “affordable”, so that all parties benefit. For this purpose seecon evaluates local structures through constant exchange with local counterparts and develops tourism projects that link to specific challenges in the target regions to contribute to sustainable development.