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Astrid Frischknecht
Senior Partner
Tel.: +41 79 700 72 97

Alois Müller
Senior Partner
Phone: +41 79 204 99 81

Martin Wafler
Project Manager
Phone: +43 664 450 83 13

Kompogas Wauwil

The Kompogas Wauwil AG uses biogenic waste material from mushroom production, commerce and industry as well as households to produce electricity and heat. The fermentation plant with a capacity of 16’000 tons a year will deliver electricity to 800 to 1’000 households as of 2014. The accrued heat can be used in its entirety in the nearby mushroom production and replaces around 300’000 litres of heating oil every year. seecon has accompanied the project from the development of the idea in 2005 to the start of operation in 2011. In the early stages of the project the choice of technology was particularly important, while later on seecon worked out supply agreements with municipalities, compiled the environmental compatibility report, looked for investors and prepared the establishment of the “Kompogas Wauwil AG”.

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