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Astrid Frischknecht
Senior Partner
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Neighbourhood as Social Space

Sustainability in Neighbourhoods

Sustainably is a well-known and established concept in the neighbourhood context, even though was never called that way. The 3 areas of sustainability helped society over the years to support each other. In towns and neighbourhoods our grate grandparents cared for each other, exchanged time as well as goods and they all together took care of their commune goods.

Nowadays is harder to find this sustainability in the neighbourhoods do to different reasons like individualism, mobility, change or fluctuation.

In this project seecon searched for new ways how to reintroduce “sustainability” in different neighbourhoods with residencies which promote the independence from people with special needs. These people live almost permanently in the area, so the challenge was for all parties, to see them as neighbours, as well as themselves to fell part of the neighbourhood. It was challenging, but one of the learning lessons was to let both parties organize an event for the neighbourhood, even better was to do it together with social players like firefighters, police, church etc. to give them credit and support. The most important is to let the neighbours feel that they are need it to organize this kind of events.