Project Location

Europe: Switzerland


Katharina Conradin
Senior Partner
Phone: +41 79 66 38 66

Light Toolbox

Development of a light toolbox for the Gantrisch region

Light pollution affects us all and yet remains an abstract problem. What are the risks of this type of pollution? What measures can be taken? And does darkness offer any potential?

The Light Toolbox helps the Gantrisch Region – a hilly region near Bern, Switzerland – its communities and other stakeholders to find answers to these questions and to develop approaches to reduce light pollution while at the same time enhancing the potential of natural night darkness.

The Light Toolbox allows communities to conduct participatory workshops with stakeholders. Based on the business model of the region, these workshops evaluate the most important risks and opportunities of light pollution. Based on this, the corresponding measures will be chosen. The result is an action plan that is based on sound knowledge, is participatory and involves the various stakeholders.

This project was carried out jointly with Mountain Wilderness Switzerland and the Gantrisch Nature Park.