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Janek Hermann-Friede
Senior Partner
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Project Management Trainings

Project Management Trainings

Anybody who has been involved in a project will agree: Making a project succeed is not simple.

The difficulties are manifold: delays, excessive budget over-runs, inadequate results, dissatisfied end-beneficiaries, high stress among the project team and other undesirable outcomes.

seecon has designed project management training courses to support participants in organising, planning and controling projects. Out trainings help current and future project managers address each project element at the right time and to the right level of detail for the project’s size and complexity. How? During a three-day inter-active learning process, participants design and develop real projects along the project life cycle, immediately applying new knowledge and skills obtained during the course. This setting allows participants to directly adapt selected templates and tools to their own project context, leading to first-hand experience about the potential benefits for day-to-day project management.