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Georges Dumont
Senior Partner
Phone: : +41 79 201 53 31

Emergency and Crisis Management

Business Consulting for Emergency and Crisis Management

Any organisation can be struck by an emergency (i.e. accidents, fire, power failure) or a crisis (i.e. polluted food products, product failures, land slide, flooding). Therefore, an organisation should prepare for such incidents by implementing an emergency and crisis management plan. This includes:

  • Incident command: a predetermined body and chain of command, which is responsible to manage the emergency or crisis, and it also addresses leadership, problem-solving skills and deciding authority of that body.
  • incident management process: procedures, techniques, equipment used in managing disasters, crisis situations and major incidents.
  • emergency operations centre: official structure that brings together decision-makers within the organisation, as well as representatives of partner organisations in some cases. It is set up to facilitate the coordination of response efforts in all areas affected by the disaster. Through an efficient compilation and analysis of information, damages and needs, decision makers receive valuable intelligence to identify how best to cooperate to deliver assistance and other resources to areas affected and to carry out additional response processes.