Ferrer Duch

Project Manager

Mobile Number: +41 78 670 44 07

Aleix is the Biologist of our team that brings the scientific perspective to our projects. He is hand on in sustainable tourism, change management and public space mandates.

He was part of the first SSWM toolbox webpage’s launching. His first steps at seecon developed from a pilot project “Tropenhaus Wolhusen” in Ruswil as part of an internship. The know-how of that experience took him to the startup “UrbanFarmers”. In there he took care of fish and vegetables in a closed ecological loop on a roof top.

Throughout the years, Aleix has been gathering experience as a trainee in different topics as: globalization consumerism, ecological material flow cycles and energy with the Ökozentrum Langenbruck. The scientific experience that he has been developing in various fields is an asset for seecon. Aleix contributed to the study of grey water management in Thailand with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health institute, participated in studies of fish ecology in Basel University, skin cancer in Bonn University as well as working with rattlesnakes’ venom in Loma Linda university. At the National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South in Lausanne he worked as coordinator for projects in Costa Rica and Thailand in the sector of urban development.

Aleix is Dipl. Biologe from the University of Valencia and MA & MSc in Sustainable Development form the Basel university. He holds a certificate in change management and organizational consulting. He trains in German, English and Spanish and has very good understanding of French.