Cora Craigmile

Project Manager

Cora is one of our international Project Managers. She supports all aspects of the business and plays a crucial role in driving seecon’s events forward. You will often find her doing research or engaging in seecon’s copywriting activities.


Hello, my name is Cora, and I am seecon’s Spanglish project manager! I started at seecon as an intern and slowly made my way up as project manager. I am now an integral part of the team and support multiple projects simultaneously, especially in communications and stakeholder management. I have a passion for communication and engaging with different audiences, mainly when revolving around socio-environmental topics. Fun fact about me? I do acting in my spare time. It is my biggest hobby ;).

My journey at seecon has been one filled with growth, hard work and fun. It began right before we were hit by the global pandemic and before the terms ‘Zoom’ and ‘lockdown’ had even entered our everyday vocabulary. I played an essential role in successfully migrating seecon’s in-person events to online events and worked creatively with other team members to build the right environment for such events to take place.

What I love most about seecon is the fantastic team I have been lucky to be a part of. We come from different walks of life but we are all bound by a common passion: finding cooperative solutions for society’s most pressing issues. We have a phenomenal team spirit that helps drive any project forward. Our working relationships are built on our shared values, including respect, empathy, collaboration, and hard work. seecon has nurtured many of my strengths, one of them being stakeholder management.  I do this in both my native languages: Spanish and English.

Let’s work together!

I am good at bringing people together and creating synergies between different stakeholders, no matter how other their ideas may be contrasting. Let’s work together! There are thousands of projects that we could start! Just contact me!

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