Senior Partner

Mobile Number: +41 79 201 53 31

Georges is our public safety, management and business administration specialist. He is experienced in emergency, disaster and crisis management, risk management, process management and change management as well as excellence and strategy development.

Georges Dumont studied Business Administration and Environmental Management. He worked as a controller in the public and private sector. He had a part time university teaching position at a university of applied science. He has more than ten years experience as a senior police officer on the executive level. Georges can provide a lot of experience in different fields.

Public Safety: He provides consulting services such as leading a police force, developing crime fighting strategies, risk and threat analysis of different kinds of incidents and emergencies (like seeing big sport events through, threats against people or events, demonstrations, hot spots), planning and leading law enforcement deployments, training of policemen and commanding officers, collaboration between emergency organisations like police, firefighters and medical services or organisational structures, requirements of police forces.

Management and Business Administration: In this field he is proficient in different areas: mapping out and implementing a strategy; excellence and process management; project and change management; risk, emergency, disaster and crisis management. Furthermore he was ISO auditor in quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management. He supports sustainable value network management in every aspect. Among his clients are governments and public sector organisations as well as private enterprises.
He speaks German, English and French.