Rahel Meili

Project Manager

Rahel is our economic geographer specialised in the development of rural regions in Switzerland. Supporting policymakers, communities, different institutions, and firms searching for appropriate solutions to complex situations and helping to find new innovative ways in regional development.


I am Rahel Meili, economic geographer and project manager at Seecon. I initiate, accompany, and manage projects that help communities and regions in Switzerland to develop sustainably in all three dimensions – economic, ecological and social. Besides my work, I am an active long-distance runner and enjoy my time off from work and running on our in-house farm.

I have been with seecon since September 2021. Before, I worked as a project manager in a regional development agency. During that time, I learned from the roots what it takes to bring a regional development project successfully to the end. Dealing with the political circumstances, the guidelines of different governmental institutions, and the variety of actors and institutions involved in regional development projects makes our work highly interesting. Moreover, it lets us understand the complex processes behind the development. Therefore, both theoretical knowledge regarding regional development and practical experience plays an important role.

Every place has potential and opportunities for development – we just have to see them and take the proper steps to use the potential accordingly. Therefore, the primary motivation of my work is to design places so that they meet the needs of the inhabitants and remain and become liveable for future generations.

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