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RRR Entrepreneurship Curriculum and online course

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Sri Lanka and global
  • 2017 - 2018

  • Client

    International Water Management Institute (IWMI)


    RRR entrepreneurs

    The print on a desludging truck reads, ‘Your shit is our bread and butter’. When faced with the extend of sanitation and wastewater management challenges globally, this very entrepreneurial slogan provides a glimpse of hope that savvy entrepreneurs may be able to convert these challenges into an opportunity. Based on previous successful cooperation, IWMI approached us to transform the findings from research into Resource Recovery and safe Reuse (RRR) business cases and models into training materials to support entrepreneurs to kick-off RRR businesses.

    Under this project, our objective was twofold: On the one hand, we set out to cooperate with various universities to develop materials for a curriculum that would enable students to explore RRR business models. On the other hand, we wanted to reach entrepreneurs around the globe, making knowledge accessible and providing guidance to enhance and scale their business models.

    Together with cewas, we built on our training experience and RRR expertise to develop a didactical concept to integrate start-up and business development approaches with technological aspects of RRR solutions. We further leveraged our sswm.info platform to disseminate the resulting courses to three main target groups: university professors, masters level students, and early-stage entrepreneurs. In particular, the activities that we carried out were:


    Explore and discover

    • Converted in-depth academic research into guidance and key considerations for different types of RRR business models.


    Co-create and design

    • We developed two training packages for semester-long university courses, comprising facilitator guides, presentations, a sequence of hands-on exercises for participating students and hand-outs.



    • We facilitated training of trainers’ exercise and a 10-day intensive course for students and RRR practitioners/young entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to test and improve the course materials and enable lecturers to apply them.


    Reach and connect

    • We conceptualised, curated, and produced a video based online course on Resource Recovery and Reuse Entrepreneurship.

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    Explore the results and enjoy the free online course to get your enterprise off the ground or find inspiration to foster sustainable environmental business solutions!

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