We create
for sustainable development

We are a team of innovators that generates knowledge and out-of-the-box solutions to boost your impact.

What we do

What we do

We develop, support, and manage innovative projects on sustainable development worldwide. Our tailor-made approaches allow us to guide our customers and partners in the journey of developing impactful solutions to reach their objectives. Our services include:

Explore & discover


Co-create and design

ground-breaking solutions


to innovate

Reach & connect

for impact
  • We study sectors, markets, business models and initiatives to identify opportunities and the niches of innovations.

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  • We gather the right stakeholders in co-creation platforms, transforming ideas into actual innovations in the field.

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  • With our trainings, coachings and change management processes, we maximise your organisation's potential.

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  • With our toolboxes, publications, videos and short events, we reach and connect target audiences to your wealth of knowledge.

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Our topics

Our topics

Keeping our objectives focused on sustainable development, we are eagerly committed to continuing learning and innovating in the following topics:


private sector
for development


economy solutions

sustainable sanitation
and water management


  • Developing
    impactful organisations

    We support organisational development efforts by helping our clients create a shared vision and prepare a viable roadmap to make it happen.

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  • Leveraging
    private sector for development

    We support water and sanitation entrepreneurs worldwide to kick-off their business and support our clients and partners in building up entrepreneurial pipelines and innovation ecosystems.

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  • Facilitating
    regional development

    We support regions and project developers with future-oriented solutions for liveable rural regions.

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  • Developing
    circular economy solutions

    We develop approaches, strategies, advises on technical solutions and trainings on how to conserve resources by closing water, nutrient and energy cycles.

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  • Enhancing
    sustainable sanitation and water management

    We work with key stakeholders on programmes that improve the quality of water and sanitation services through the promotion of innovative solutions, as well as capacity building and knowledge building.

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  • Addressing
    climate change

    Together with stakeholders, we analyse the effects of climate change, transform them into opportunities and innovations and develop practicable solutions.

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How we work

How we work

Our focus is on developing professional and effective solutions according to a knowledge-based framework. We guarantee high quality work by staying true to our corporate culture of innovation, accountability to future generations, environmental awareness, and motivation. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to cater to local, regional, and national government bodies, private companies, businesses, NGOs, non-profit organisations as well as educational institutions and research centres.

Check out our latest projects

Check out our latest projects

Let’s work together!

Let’s work together! We believe that strong partnerships are the key to innovation for sustainable development. Let's share knowledge, move forward together and achieve mutual goals.

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