Zero Littering

Guidance for a clean environment

  • 2017 - 2018

  • Client

    Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)


    Inhabitants of Switzerland

    Key Partner


    Littering refers to the disorderly throwing away of waste into the environment and is one of the most visible problems in public spaces. It worries the population and is, therefore, a prominent topic in the political discourse.

    Zero Littering is stimulating reading for everyone, be it pupils, teachers, shopkeepers, or students. With Zero Littering, we want to familiarise readers with the topic of littering, arouse interest and show all the benefits that each individual can derive from a litter-free life.



    As seecon, we have presented successful approaches, instruments and experiences on how littering can be effectively prevented in an appealing way for a broad public. In the frame of this project, we conducted the following activities:



    • Litter is a complex social problem. By familiarising readers with the issue of littering appealingly, arousing interest and showing the benefits they can derive from a litter-free life, we are empowering a broad public with this brochure to contribute to a litter-free world.


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    • With Zero Littering, we have created a brochure that aims to raise awareness of littering and give readers tips on better organising their lives with less waste, enjoying moments even more, and avoiding unnecessary waste in their environment.



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    Zero Littering – Guidance for a clean environment

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    Who feels comfortable when a fat rat crosses your path in the twilight after eating a piece of sausage that landed next to the trash can? If we continue to perceive litter only as a nuisance and do nothing, nothing will change. But, a world without littering is possible. Download the Zero Litter Brochure and find out how.

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