Our topics



Climate change

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for the environment, the economy and society. That the faster we act, the more effectively we can reduce the consequences or develop effective adaptation strategies. Seecon supports stakeholders in developing adaptation strategies. In doing so, we use approaches from corporate strategy development, such as the business model canvas or methods of design thinking. Together with stakeholder we analyse the effects of climate change, transform them into opportunities and innovations and develop practicable solutions. Transferable toolboxes, regional adaptation strategies or local inventories of adaptation measures emerge as products. True to our guiding principle: Innovations for sustainable development.

Regional development

Sustainable regional development is the basis for sustainable development  at large. Seecon evaluates potential solutions and supports regions in the implementation of development strategies – e.g. through knowledge management and networking, the creation of regional health plans and business models or in the development of strategies for adaptation to climate change. Seecon also initiates its own projects for regional development: the Swiss Logistics Education and Innovation Centre “Logistikum” in the canton of Uri, for example, or the Swiss Water and Climate Forum in the canton of Lucerne.

Sustainable water and wastewater management

More than two billion people worldwide still have no access to clean drinking water at home. Almost twice as many have no access to safe sanitary infrastructure. In this area Seecon combines entrepreneurial spirit, social commitment and the goals of a more sustainable development. In training and coaching programs conducted worldwide, we develop solutions together with entrepreneurs, public administration and research, provide technical advise to clients and implement tangible projects. The comprehensive and much-visited knowledge management site www.sswm.info, was initiated by seecon and is continuously being developed further with partners.

Recycling and resource management

Many systems still function linear instead of living up to the principles of circular economy; valuable raw materials are thus lost. One of the basic principles of sustainable development is to conserve resources. In intercultural networks and with partners from different sectors, seecon develops approaches how to conserve resources by closing water, nutrient and resource cycles. Seecon develops strategies, advises on technical solutions, facilitates processes or conducts trainings in cooperation with local partners. Recycling management is also a focus of seecon’s activities in the field of entrepreneurship.

Public Conversation

Public Conversation stands for jointly designed quality of life in public spaces. A public space can be a village square or a park, but also the atmosphere, the attitude to life in a neighborhood or a city. Public space is not only to be understood geometrically or physically, but also arises when public topics are discussed. We work with narrative methods such as conversations, dialogue rounds, methods of dispute resolution and mediation, but also with fact-based analyses. We develop transdisciplinary and sustainable perspectives in dealing with security, public health, crises, conflicts of use, littering and waste, quality of life and tourism.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is understood as a vehicle for economic and social growth, while minimising negative social, cultural and ecological factors. Seecon supports individual actors or regional destinations in the management of all resources with a co-creation approach in all three aspects of sustainability. We do this in order to ensure that economic, social and aesthetic needs are met while preserving the cultural integrity, biodiversity and livelihoods of the local population.