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Michael Kropac
Senior Partner
Tel.: +41 78 872 67 44


Water Sector Capacity Building to Palestinian Water Authority

The TPAT II programme was designed to assist the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) in:

  • Facilitating the implementation of Water Sector Reform processes.
  • Updating water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies towards more effective infrastructure development, improved service provision, and sustainable resource management.
  • Developing PWA’s capacity for implementation of water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies, action plans and programs.

seecon led the implementation of the following programme components:

  • Development of Water Sector Reform Plans and Updates, including stakeholder consultations, facilitating the development of the reform plan and capacity development for the monitoring of the sector reforms.
  • Development of Policy and a Strategy on Capacity Development of the Water Sector, including a situation and gap analysis of capacity development demand and supply, facilitating the development of a capacity development policy and strategy for the Palestinian water sector and the development of an implementation plan.

TPAT II was funded by World Bank, through West Bank and Gaza Trust Fund and other trust funds including several donors like (SIDA, Finland, Netherland, Norway and AFD) and AFD in parallel financing.