Capacity Development for the Palestinian Water Sector Reform

  • 2015 - 2017

  • Client

    World Bank


    Palestinian Water Authority

    Key Partner

    Price Waterhouse Coopers

    Effective, efficient and sustainable water management needs a conducive framework, especially in the highly politicised context in Palestine.

    The TPAT II programme was designed to assist the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) in:


    • Facilitating the implementation of Water Sector Reform processes.
    • Updating water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies towards more effective infrastructure development, improved service provision, and sustainable resource management.
    • Developing PWA’s capacity to implement water supply, sanitation and water resources management strategies, action plans and programs.



    Between 2015 and 2017, we worked closely with the Palestinian Water Authority and consulted with a broad range of water sector stakeholders to facilitate the development of a ‘Policy and a Strategy on Capacity Development of the Water Sector’ and led a work package to develop structured work plans for the water sector reform. Our services included:


    Co-create and design

    • Engagement with knowledge institutions, the regulator, different departments of PWA, municipalities and NGOs to analyse support offers and capacity gaps.

    • Design of workshops that provided a structured process for participation. These were highly appreciated by participants and allowed to come to an agreeable result on time – something that is not typical in sector reform processes.



    • For us, work plans are a means, not an end. Therefore, supporting the planning of the sector reform naturally also comprised efforts to develop capacities within the responsible department of PWA to monitor progress and continuously adapt the work plans.



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