Hannah Wuzel

Project Manager

Hannah fosters innovation and builds capacities for the good of people and the planet with a healthy dose of creativity, communication, and participatory out-of-the-box approaches.


Nice to meet you, I’m Hannah!

As a project manager with seecon, I enjoy finding new approaches to challenges and working collaboratively to identify the best ways to make our work matter both for people and the planet. I enjoy fostering our in-house creativity due to my passion for art and writing. I am always eager to bring a fresh, colourful perspective to projects. I’ve also had to learn many languages to make sure I can talk with everybody, which is what I enjoy doing the most – exchanging, brainstorming, discussing, and a bit of banter here and there.

seecon found me while I was studying Arabic in Beirut in the summer of 2018 and promptly hired me to coordinate our activities in Lebanon. I first met the team in a snowy chalet in the Swiss mountains after working with everybody remotely for several months! I have since learned that no challenge is too big, no question is too stupid, and no problem can’t be solved with a bit of perseverance, team spirit and taste for adventure. Since my early days at seecon, I’ve been involved in many projects in the Middle East and beyond.

Both professionally and privately, I love building bridges, bringing people together and gaining new perspectives. I am a big fan of co-creation processes and enjoy tackling challenges together with partners and colleagues, rather than brooding in a chamber by myself.

Let’s work together!

So, if you feel like climbing the highest mountains and diving into the depths of the oceans together (figuratively, of course), get in touch with me!

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