Nashwan Dhahir

Project Manager

Nashwan is our water resources engineer and resources management specialist in Iraq. He combines his technical specialisation with his business and institutional development expertise to tap into innovative and sustainable resources management solutions in the most complex contexts – starting with his country's.


Hi, this is Nashwan!

I am seecon’s frontline (Project Manager) in Iraq. I initiate, develop, and support new resources management innovation projects for our clients that create impact, especially in a complex context like the Iraqi scene. Besides the intermediary support that I provide to innovators in the resources management sector, I also help the relevant key actors develop a sustainable, viable solution to face different contexts’ complexities and challenges.

I have been with seecon since 2019 – not so long time! Since then, I realised that I can use all my knowledge, expertise and passion to activate my “multidisciplinary mode” in the water, sanitation and resources management sector. Since then, and by now, I know what it takes to transform an organisation into a steeply growing brand and a 3 years baby boy (Adam). I enjoy triggering innovators and key actors’ thoughts and help them to conceptualise transitioning solutions that push them to the next level through workshops, pieces of training, and coaching.

Let’s work together!

My work is where I can bring game-changing innovations and solutions in the resources management sector alive! Now, you know what I enjoy most, so let's conversate!

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