Climate Toolbox Graubünden

Toolbox for regional adaptation to climate change

Grisons, Switzerland
  • 2016 - 2017

  • Client

    Office for Nature and Environment Graubünden (ANU)


    Cantonal decision-makers

    With the climate toolbox, seecon created a regionally specific toolbox for climate change for the Surselva region. This toolbox allowed the affected area to draw up an individual and strategic action plan for regional adaptation to climate change.

    In a second phase, and building on the positive experiences with the Surselva Region’s project, we extended the toolbox to the entire canton of Grisons, in Switzerland. The adapted toolkit contains all the necessary materials to conduct a climate workshop together with the key stakeholders. In this workshop, the effects of climate change on the regional business model are discussed with the regional actors, risks and opportunities are evaluated and the necessary measures are finally selected. The new Climate Toolbox Grisons is complemented with new approaches as well as new adaptation measures. Now it is used as an entry point for the cantonal actors to implement the climate strategy of the canton at the community level.



    We were commissioned by ANU to carry out the following activities:


    Co-create and discover

    • Creation of an overall concept for embedding the toolbox in cantonal processes and responsibilities within the framework of the climate strategy.
    • Adaptation of the toolbox process methodology: integration of the action field prioritization and incorporation of feedback mechanisms.
    • Adaptation of the risk-opportunity list based on the consequences of climate change hazards and effects for different productive areas and feedback from the local authorities.



    Links to publications (In German)


    • Climate Toolbox Graubünden. Practical Information.
      This manual describes the approach of the Climate Toolbox, explains the steps of its workshop, and gives recommendations for the successful implementation of adaptation measures. It is an orientation guide for actors who are interested in applying the Climate Toolbox in their regions.

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