Municipal Environmental Management in Bolivia

Developing business models for the provision of sustainable environmental management services

  • 2015

  • Client

    Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation


    35 members of the staff from 8 municipalities in Bolivia (Atocha, Cotagaita, Villazón, Tupiza, Punata, Cliza, Talara and Tolata).

    Key Partners

    CDS-Ingénieurs and AGUATUYA

    Our colleagues from Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, CSD Ingénieurs and AGUATUYA initiated the Municipal Environmental Management project in 20 municipalities in the Cochabamba Valley, Chaco in Chuquisaca, Chichas in Potosi and La Paz, focusing on solid waste management (SWM) and wastewater management (WWM) in small towns and rural systems. They identified three challenges that prevented municipalities from fulfilling their mandate to provide these environmental services. These were the lack of clarity of roles and responsibilities, the inability to cover operation and maintenance costs, and the limited involvement of the private sector.

    It was then that we proposed to them to develop business models for environmental services. This tool allows public sector officials to define roles and responsibilities, define the value proposition of their services, and discover possible sources of income to achieve the sustainability of environmental management departments.



    In October 2015, we flew to Bolivia to conduct two three-day workshops, one in the Cochabamba Valley and one in Chichas de Potosi. With members of the municipalities, we described the functioning of the environmental management departments, identified strengths and weaknesses, redefined the customer-centric value proposition and optimised the value chain of their operations. Finally, each municipality prepared an action plan for the improvement of its business models.


    Specifically, we carried out the following activities:


    Explore and discover

    • Analysis of the current state of operations of environmental management departments in Bolivia.


    Co-create and design

    • Development of improved business models for the provision of environmental services.



    • Development and implementation of a three-day training on the generation of sustainable business models for public servants.

    • Training of trainers workshop for the project’s Regional Support Units.



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