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Janek Hermann-Friede
Senior Partner
Phone: +49 163 8776308

Aline Bussmann
Project Manager
Phone: + 962 7908 01872,


Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Regions

Inadequate sanitation systems in Jordan affect both host and refugee communities and pollute the scarce water resources of the country. At the same time reusing treated wastewater could relief pressure on water sources and make much needed nutrients and irrigation water available for agricultural production and local economies.

The “Sanitation Solutions for Underserved Communities in Jordan” project (ISSRAR) seeks to contribute to reducing existing environmental risks related to unsafe sanitation practices, creating better living conditions from an environmental, public health and economic perspective and thus improving the resilience of local populations. By realizing a showcase sustainable sanitation system in Azraq, the project aims at establishing replicable examples for other parts of Jordan.

The project, which is funded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), is implemented by the ISSRAR Consortium, made up of BORDA and seecon.