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Leonellha Barreto Dillon
Senior Partner
Phone: +41 79 511 02 54


Natural water systems and treatment technologies to cope with water shortages in urban areas in India

Adequate water supply and sewage systems are a challenge, especially in urban areas. We break new ground: away from end-of-pipe water management towards an integrated approach with small-scale natural and technical plants. Such small-scale systems, such as manmade wetlands, infiltration ditches and sub-soil filtration and bank filtration, promote natural water purification and storage. In addition, they can absorb highly and widely varying pollutant loads, buffer seasonal fluctuations in the availability of water and can be integrated into the urban planning as green infrastructures. The NaWaTech project implemented this in urban areas in India and also focused on management processes.

seecon’s key roles within the project included the development of the NaWaTech compendium, a compilation of key innovative technologies and the experience of their implementation in India; the development of the NaWaKit, designed to provide the needed technical and business strategy tools to support water practitioners when conceiving, launching and growing a new venture in the water and wastewater sector and the design and facilitation of the Training Program for Water Entrepreneurs “Technologies and Business Development in Natural Wastewater Treatment” (April 2015).

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