Johanna von Toggenburg

Project Manager

Johanna is our water policy expert in the development and humanitarian contexts. She knows her way around public water institutions in the Middle East on capacity building for water supply, solid waste, and water resource management.


Hi, I’m Johanna and I bridge gaps between public and private actors for better water and sanitation management. My cross-cutting background in development studies, water management and economics comes in handy when coaching entrepreneurs or advising Governments in the Middle East to sustainably manage water and sanitation. Moreover, with a multi-cultural background and fluency in 5 languages, I can thrive wherever I land.

A seecon colleague reached out to me on waste management in Lebanon while working with the UN in Beirut. We exchanged knowledge and contacts, and when the first pieces of training on sustainable sanitation started, I was invited to participate and later to coach and mentor. Thus, throughout the next years, I accompanied seecon’s path in Lebanon from the perspective of a participant, partner, and admirer.

Although I joined seecon recently, it allows me to build on my strengths and develop them further: coordinating and developing news approaches with stakeholders. With seecon, every day holds a new riddle to be solved.

At seecon, you share an early idea, and you receive thoughtful, guiding comments. In addition, every colleague has hidden talents that will propel your vision forward, efficiently, and creatively.

Links to publications

  • Amorsi, N., Stein, U., Medina, B., von Toggenburg, J., Midgley, S., Nickel, D. “WaterDiss: Analysis and uptake of water research results”, in Martinuzzi, A., Sedlacko, M., 2012. Knowledge brokerage for sustainable development, Innovative tools for increasing research impact and evidence-based policy-making




  • Social Communication Approach, 2019 part of a series of publications on lessons learnt from the EU Trust Fund MADAD funded project MiyahCon. This Manual presents a comprehensive methodology for bridging the gap between water users (citizens) and public institutions (water utilities) and to foster water accountability, and targets actors implementing water projects with a strong social and behavioural change component.



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My talent is asking the right questions, listening to your needs, finding a solution through approaches and networks. So, let’s solve your problems together!

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