Johanna von Toggenburg

Senior Partner

Johanna, our water expert with a focus on agriculture and climate change, excels in developing sustainable solutions through effective collaborations, from conception to implementation.


Hey there, I’m Johanna, and I’m your go-to expert for all things water and wastewater, especially when it comes to water-related agriculture and climate change.

I firmly believe in the power and joy of teamwork. That’s why I’m all about collaborative efforts and community-driven solutions. The more diverse the group, the more thrilling the challenge of simplifying complex topics into actionable steps. Whether it’s in work or everyday life, I thrive on building networks that foster efficient knowledge sharing and resource utilization, leading to innovative and sustainable outcomes. Take, for instance, the coalitions I’ve helped forge for water initiatives in North Africa and the Middle East, or with environmentally focused businesses in Lebanon that led to fruitful synergies.

My journey with the seecon team kicked off while working with the United Nations and NGOs in Beirut. I stumbled upon one of seecon’s wastewater training sessions and was immediately hooked by the dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Before I knew it, I was managing seecon’s projects in Lebanon, supporting entrepreneurs in waste management, decentralized sanitation solutions and circular economy.

After a decade in the Middle East, I’m now bringing my expertise to projects in Switzerland, Europe, and beyond. With my multicultural background and knack for languages, I feel right at home wherever I go. So, let’s team up and make waves together!

Links to publications

  • Amorsi, N., Stein, U., Medina, B., von Toggenburg, J., Midgley, S., Nickel, D. “WaterDiss: Analysis and uptake of water research results”, in Martinuzzi, A., Sedlacko, M., 2012. Knowledge brokerage for sustainable development, Innovative tools for increasing research impact and evidence-based policy-making




  • Social Communication Approach, 2019 part of a series of publications on lessons learnt from the EU Trust Fund MADAD funded project MiyahCon. This Manual presents a comprehensive methodology for bridging the gap between water users (citizens) and public institutions (water utilities) and to foster water accountability, and targets actors implementing water projects with a strong social and behavioural change component.



Let’s work together!

My talent is asking the right questions, listening to your needs, finding a solution through approaches and networks. So, let’s solve your problems together!

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