Maisam Otoum

Project Manager

Maisam has diverse experience in Water, Energy, and Climate Change programs with national and international NGOs. He is responsible for managing cewas activities in Jordan, focusing on green entrepreneurship, innovation in water and sanitation, and ecosystem development through partnerships and institutional collaboration. In addition, he is a passionate trainer and mentor for emerging entrepreneurs in the green sector. Maisam holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (Jordan University of Science and Technology) and an MSc in geophysics (University of Houston).


During my daily routine, I manage activities in water and sanitation in Jordan with a focus on decentralized sanitation services for underprivileged communities. I support the implementation of complex projects where technical capacity building and coordination activities are needed. I also embed innovation and entrepreneurship principles in more extensive water and sanitation projects to provide unconventional solutions to unconventional issues. I invest most of my time in planning and strategizing to avoid unforeseen risks and maintain solid relationships with stakeholders.

I started with seecon in 2020, where I was directly involved in one of the most significant projects in Jordan in decentralized wastewater treatment for rural communities, where I was in charge of the treated wastewater (TWW) reuse component. This project enabled me to tackle TWW reuse issues from a technical lens and through analyzing the social, economic, and environmental conditions surrounding decentralized services. I am eager to see more innovative approaches to serving citizens consistent with their needs, socioeconomic conditions, and norms.

I get excited when I am involved in projects where understanding the local context is needed (especially in the MENA regions). I am also enthusiastic about training and communication with stakeholders to utilize my total capacity and skills in these two areas.

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