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Leonellha Barreto Dillon
Senior Partner
Mobile: +41 79 511 02 54


The Initiative PAVITR is a joint project of the European Union and the Department of Sciences & Technology of the Government of India and contributes to the solution of these problems. The main aim of this project is to validate, deploy or develop cost-effective & sustainable solutions to tackle water challenges and ensure the provision of safe water reuse, rejuvenate water quality of rivers, and restore ecosystems in India. This will be achieved by deploying and developing water / wastewater technologies and use of sensors for emerging and traditional contaminants. But PAVITR goes beyond that and considers new strategic planning tools as well as it creates a basis for financial, environmental, and institutional sustainability. This means, PAVITR aims at developing and bringing to the market a cost-efficient multi-barrier water management approach that can attract investors and funding agencies into the sector.