Project Location

Europe: Switzerland


Johannes Heeb
Senior Partner
Phone: +41 79 366 68 50

Michael Kropac
Senior Partner
Phone: +41 78 872 67 44

Tandiwe Erlmann
Senior Project Manager
Phone: +41 76 528 68 70

regiosuisse – networking centre for regional development

Research network and knowledge community

Within the framework of regiosuisse – the national networking centre for regional development – seecon manages the regional development research network and the regiosuisse knowledge community. The research network improves collaboration between individual stakeholders within the regional development research field and promotes exchange between research and practice.

The regiosuisse Research Market Conference, organised by seecon, has become the most important scientific meeting in the field of regional development in Switzerland, with over one hundred participants on each occasion that it has been held. In regiosuisse knowledge communities, key stakeholders in regional development – under the guidance of seecon personnel – develop practical know-how, basic knowledge, experiences and strategies in relation to regional development and the New Regional Policy (NRP).