St. Gotthard Creative Industries Incubator

Idea workshop for creative and cultural business offers in the St. Gotthard region.

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St. Gotthard region, Switzerland
  • 2023 - ongoing

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    St. Gotthard programme (PSG)
    Cantons of Uri, Ticino, Graubünden and Valais


    Local innovators who want to develop innovations for the cultural and creative economic valorisation of the St. Gotthard region.

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    The “St. Gotthard Incubator” is an incubator for innovative ideas and is managed according to the Lean Startup methodology. This model has already been successfully implemented in the St. Gotthard region: A tourism incubator was launched in 2022 as part of the implementation programme of the NRP 2020-2023. It was aimed at teams willing to initiate, test and implement new and innovative ideas in the tourism sector. Teams have already created their first experiences, some of which are now available for booking, from the Uri Legends trail and the Lucendro Reservoir experience to the goat walk at Tschamutt organic farm. In a second phase, we are looking for ideas for the “St. Gotthard Creative Industries Incubator”.

    The “St. Gotthard Creative Industries Incubator” is a workshop for the development of new ideas and business models. It focuses on the production, dissemination and marketing of cultural offers, products and services that contribute to value creation and innovation as well as job creation in the Gotthard region. Such Incubator is open to innovative minds, whether experts or amateurs, from the “creative industries”, such as art and culture, media and entertainment, design, advertising and marketing, architecture, culinary arts, or creative crafts. These industries can also be closely linked to other economic sectors such as technology, tourism, and education. Incubator participants receive free personal mentoring for several months to help them develop, elaborate, and realise their ideas quickly and easily. They also have the opportunity to network with other innovators. The best idea receives CHF 5,000 in seed funding for its realisation. In addition, it is possible to apply for New Regional Policy (NRP) funding for the development of the project.

    As seecon, we are primarily responsible for design, facilitation, and coaching in the incubation process. After a workshop based on the design thinking methodology, participants can develop the first versions of their services and products in an incubator that takes several months to complete. In detail, the activities we carry out are:



    • As advisors and business experts, we help incubator programme teams to develop a sustainable business model and test it directly with real customers.

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