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Janek Hermann-Friede
Senior Partner
Phone: +49 163 8776308

Celia Schmidt
Project Manager
Phone: +49 176 62 400 499

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox

SSWM Toolbox is relaunched in a fresh look, a revised structure and new user navigation. To better mirror the faceted nature of sustainability and the individual understanding thereof, the new SSWM will offer its users different approaches to the topic. Upon landing on the SSWM Toolbox, the user will have the possibility to adopt different so-called “perspectives” from which to explore the content in the toolbox. Each perspective will compile and hierarchically organise a certain subset of the SSWM database which relates to a given subject, region etc. (e.g. the “humanitarian crises perspective”). This revised approach will not only enhance the users holistic and multi-layered understanding, it will also help their fast navigation to the content of their particular interest.

SSWM Toolbox