SuSanA Market Study

Stakeholder Market Study for the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

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  • 2017

  • Client

    Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI)


    Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)

    Key Partner


    The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is an informal network of organisations that share a shared vision on sustainable sanitation. But how can an informal network organisation best grow its impact?

    To enable SuSanA to fulfil better its role as a knowledge platform and catalyst for sustainable sanitation, seecon, in cooperation with cawst, supported SuSanA to develop a knowledge management and communication strategy.



    To facilitate this process, we conducted a comprehensive Stakeholder Market Study, consisting of a baseline market assessment, the development of user personas, the establishment of communication objectives and a framework for measuring the impact of SuSanA in facilitating knowledge sharing and cooperation in the sector. In specific, we conducted the following activities:


    Explore and discover

    • We combined qualitative and quantitative assessment methods to analyse knowledge platforms, establish demand and expectations related to knowledge management in the sanitation space.
    • Based on a thorough analysis of 3’000 survey responses, we developed evidence-based user personas for the SuSanA platform.


    Co-create and design

    • We provided support and advice to the SuSanA Secretariat and representatives of the platform’s membership to facilitate the development of KPIs and a communication strategy.



    • We engaged key decision makers through conscious process design and informed participation to develop ownership for the new strategic approach towards knowledge management.


    Reach and connect

    • By preparing the concept and content of dedicated sessions during the SuSanA annual meeting, we paved the way to disseminate the new communication strategy across the SuSanA membership.



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