Aline Bussmann

Senior Partner

Aline is a water management specialist by education and a natural resource manager by practice, connecting agricultural, sanitation, waste and other environmental sectors with innovation, business development and impact financing.


Hi, this is Aline, Senior Partner at seecon and manager of our Middle East branch. I am the nomad in the seecon team, being based in several countries at the same time. I like working on the ground, close to people and close to challenges that I see as opportunities. Multitasking is my way to efficiency, while I am being pragmatic and structured.

I joined seecon in 2016 by pure coincidence and thanks to my nomadic nature and network. It’s been an exciting journey since then, during which I have been building our branch in the Middle East with multiple projects and a locally rooted international team. Establishing networks, projects and businesses from scratch is my passion. I don’t need a paved road. Throw me into things and I will figure out the best way to get action going and impact done.

Links to publications

  • In Episode 5 of Sustainability in the Next Era, Ruba Al-Zu’bi takes us into the world of entrepreneurship with Aline Bussmann. Watch their interesting conversation on changing the course of start-ups in the Middle East to balance economic recovery post the pandemic with long term innovative solutions which incorporate sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Working with and being surrounded by people that are driven and hands-on is what I love. The more unknown and challenging the context, the better for me. Reach out when you are looking for someone to efficiently navigate and implement your next project!

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