Luis Roberti Pérez

Project Manager

Luis is a chemical engineer who graduated in Venezuela with post-graduate studies in business administration and organisation, as well as marketing and consumer behaviour. Currently, Luis is in charge of the administration of the online platform and the development of different events within it.


I am a chemical engineer who graduated in Venezuela with post-graduate studies in Spain in business administration and organisation and marketing and consumer behaviour. Currently, I work as administrator of the online platform, I am in charge of implementing different events within the platform and I collaborate in the production, adaptation and/or translation into Spanish of various projects of seecon in Latin America.

I have been working at seecon since 2017, providing support (adaptation, production and/or translation) in different projects such as the integrity management toolbox of Honduras, the sustainable sanitation and water management in rural areas in Mexico, the technical note about transparency and efficiency in water utilities for the IADB, etc. Being one of the people in charge of, since the last quarter of 2020 has made me grow professionally because I have returned to work in a team, established working methods and goals and learned more from my colleagues every day.

I like the excellent symbiosis between seecon members, even when most of them come from different countries and cultures, which creates an active, positive and optimal working environment.

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If you need to plan an event using, but you are in another time zone and don't have enough time, don't worry! I have full time availability and I am very active when working under pressure.

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