The challenge

Availability and access to water and sanitation services is fundamental to preserving the health and well-being of all human beings. Water and sanitation are also at the core of sustainable development, and the benefits they provide allows for economic growth and environmental sustainability.


Despite the progress made in the last decades, today, 2.2 billion people lack safely managed drinking water and 4.2 billion still have no access to safely managed sanitation.


Our solution

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management, SSWM, is our contribution to finding solutions to this current crisis. SSWM is a holistic approach that brings together the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management and Sustainable Sanitation. It considers the water and the nutrient cycles, while linking best practices on sanitation, water and agriculture. SSWM does not prescribe a specific technology but allows local practitioners to plan interventions giving equal importance to hardware and software tools.

Our contribution to the SDGs achievement

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management offers a clear path in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6 “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.


Because Goal 6 is one of the most interconnected SDG, improved access to WASH aids education, economic growth, poverty reduction, health and more.

Lack of water and sanitation services affect the daily lives of millions of people around the world, disrupting their ability to develop and live fully. Our commitment is to ensure that innovative solutions benefit those most in need, working hand in hand with those mandated to deliver WASH services.  

Leonellha Barreto Dillon

What we do

At seecon, we work with multilateral organisations, national and local authorities, entrepreneurs, and communities on programmes that improve the quality of water and sanitation services through the promotion of innovative solutions, as well as capacity building and knowledge building. Some examples of the services we provide and the products we have developed are:

Explore and discover

  • Stakeholder Market Study for the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), and a framework for measuring the impact of SuSanA in facilitating knowledge sharing and cooperation in the sector.
  • Enabling environment assessment for the implementation of onsite sanitation systems in Afghanistan.

Co-create and design

  • Development of Water Sector Reform Plans with the Palestinian Water Authority, including stakeholder consultations, facilitating the development of the reform plan and capacity development.
  • Development of business models and financial mechanisms for sanitation systems, with focus on effluent reuse.


  • Sanitation Safety Planning trainings and coaching processes in collaboration with the WHO.
  • Supporting water and sanitation entrepreneurs in developing their business models and starting up.

Reach and connect

  • Our Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox (, the most visited online knowledge platform in the sector.
  • AGUASAN workshops organisation in Switzerland and Lebanon.

Let´s work together!

Let’s work together to improve the water supply and sanitation service to those who need it the most!

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