The Middle East is a second home for seecon. In this region, all resources that we care about are scarce or largely unexploited, hence the need for innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable solutions is tremendous. The opportunity to create impact through the region’s rich human resources is what motivated us to establish a regional branch. The seecon Middle East branch is today engaged in multiple long and short-term projects and continuously growing.

Our beginnings in this region

seecon started working in the Middle East in 2013. We took an entrepreneurial approach, started lean with small projects in the water sector and have since then developed and validated almost our entire portfolio of services. We follow a decentralised model and established small offices across Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine, where with work closely with partners.



Our vision of Middle East

Our mission in the region is to help build a community of actors who solve resource management challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Aline Bussmann

What we do in the region

For seecon, every project in the region matters, but they are all part of a bigger puzzle, with a frame that is continuously evolving.


Some examples of our initiatives in the Middle East are:


  • cewas Middle East. Since 2016 – ongoing, carried out in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq with more than 30 partners.


  • Innovative Sanitation Solutions and Reuse in Arid Regions (ISSRAR). Since 2019 – ongoing, carried out in Jordan in partnership with BORDA WesCA.


  • Water Security in the Middle East (Blue Peace Media). Since 2019 – ongoing, carried out regionally with MiCT, Media Academy Iraq (MAI), North Africa Media Academy (NAMA).

Let´s work together!

Whether you are a WASH practitioner looking for a sustainable project set-up with nature-based treatment solutions, or an entrepreneur that wants to develop business strategies to scale, or a public institution engaging in the green innovation ecosystem – we speak your language and are excited to join forces. Reach out to us for any support and partnerships you might require!

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