Switzerland is Seecon’s home country. Although Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, spatial disparities exist here as well. Moreover, many rural regions face different challenges. Therefore, taking the proper development steps and building on existing potentials is central to avoid falling into a downward spiral of out-migration, economic shrinkage, and the dismantling of essential services. Even before the topic of sustainability was on everyone’s lips, seecon began to link the sustainability issue with regional development.

Our beginnings in this region

The company was founded in 1998 in Central Switzerland. One project that contributed to the foundation of seecon is the development of the concept of “minimum space requirements” for watercourses. The concept includes a formula that determines the necessary channel width of a waterway that allows for spatio-temporal development of its specific habitats.


With the addition of new projects and new employees, seecon has finally developed into a company active throughout Switzerland and abroad.



Our vision of Switzerland

Our concern is to create the right conditions for successful innovations to promote sustainable development in Switzerland. In doing so, we pay special attention to those regions that have a particularly high potential in the areas of climate resilience, careful use of resources, environmentally friendly tourism, and sustainable market opportunities.

Cédric Lehmann

What we do in the region

In Switzerland, we cover a wide range of topics, including systemic change management for regions, regional business models, ecological engineering, resource-based sanitation systems, Climate resilience projects, Innovation coaching, Actor platforms for regional development, Knowledge transfer and training events for regional development actors.


Some example projects are listed below:


  •  Climate-resilient agglomeration Lucerne – Management of heat periods. A methodology for the identification of spatial heat hotspots.


  •  Incubator Ecological Infrastructure – Accompaniment of innovation and incubation process to develop marketable goods and services that valorize the Ecological Infrastructure.


  • regiosuisse – The platform for regional development: management of knowledge communities, training, conferences, and research network.

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