Johannes Heeb

Senior Partner

Johannes is our founder and the first brain behind seecon. He has the most out-of-the-box ideas and is an innovator by nature.


Hi, I am Johannes, Co-Founder and Senior Partner of seecon. 2 years ago, I resigned from my CEO position and the board and handed the management over to the next generation of change-makers. I like to think out of the box and developing new ideas often ahead of emerging topics. I am married, have two sons and two cute grandchildren.

As a Co-Founder, I have been with seecon from the beginning, which means more than 22 years. We started as a tiny business in the centre part of Switzerland. We were since then able to position ourselves as a recognized innovator and development partner in the sustainability sector on a global scale. As a part-time lecturer at the University of Basel I am linking up my work portfolio with academia. I am a Geographer and so a person looking at the large picture of challenges trying to explore and develop opportunities together with stakeholders on the ground. One of my key contributions to the development of seecon is my regional, national and international experience based on more than 35 professional works.

Let’s work together!

People are at the centre of my motivation, interest, and commitment. And I like to work with the seecon team, our partners and clients exploring the future.

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