We sharpen your knowledge base and provide you with the skills, attitudes, and tools to shape your organisation’s future. By training, coaching, and facilitating your change process, we maximise your organisation’s potential.

What we offer

Deliver pieces of training that change people's lives

With passion and systematically thought through didactical concepts, we develop innovative pieces of training tailored to meet your needs. Our pieces of training are participant-centred and offer a constructive and enjoyable learning environment, be it face-to-face or virtual. We focus on building skills, knowledge, and attitudes and providing tools and resources that enable individuals to achieve organisational goals. We have a proven track record of capacity building for development; for example, we have trained over 1,000 professionals to design and implement water and sanitation systems, over 500 entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, and many municipalities to improve essential services.

Coaching leaders to unlock their potential

Through our coaching sessions, we provide a space for personal transformation. We combine active listening, intuitive resonance, and various self-development tools to help individuals set and achieve their goals. We have coached hundreds of start-ups, dozens of water and sanitation utilities, and CEOs, helping them develop their professional profiles.

Facilitating change management processes that succeed

Change management is a planned process that enables individuals, teams, and organisations to transition from a current to a future state. The design and implementation of change management processes enable those involved to adapt to adjustments and act collaboratively, eventually improving organisational productivity. We accompany change processes in companies, NGOs and public administration institutions. For example, we supported a water utility company in Peru in its change process while undergoing a complete re-engineering of its operations.

We go beyond teaching people. We want them to tap into their full potential for building a more sustainable world.

Simon Joncourt

What sets us apart

  • We put ourselves in the shoes of our participants. We know that sitting for hours listening to long lectures is not fun! That’s why we design interactive and hands-on pieces of training.
  • When coaching, we ask the right questions! First, we invite you to get to the heart of the matter and share what’s most important to you. Then, we listen to you and guide you to find your solutions.

  • Transformations are always connected with emotions: enthusiasm, doubt, resistance. We know and understand the dynamics of such feelings and help to handle them constructively.

Let´s work together!

We can support you in developing the capacities required for your organisation to excel. Contact us to design and build your empowering program together!

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