Based on design-thinking principles, we develop solutions with our clients and partners to respond to their needs and desires. We gather the right stakeholders and moderate co-creation activities to develop user-centred strategies, action plans, business models and financing mechanisms. As a result, we transform ideas into real innovations in the field.

What we offer

Establish and nurture platforms for stakeholders’ interaction

We bring together stakeholders from different backgrounds and thematic areas in a safe environment for exchange and co-creation. For instance, we have designed and professionally moderated focus groups to find solutions for the energetic renovation of buildings. Through public conversation, we reunite citizens around common goals. We also facilitate Communities of Practice in Switzerland through regiosuisse and the Swiss Water and Climate Forum and in other parts of the world.

Develop impactful strategies and action plans

As a consulting company with many years of experience and interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical background, we support clients from the private and public sectors in achieving sustainability goals. For example, we support regions in developing plans to adapt to climate change or reduce light pollution. Also, we work closely with Municipalities developing Sanitation Safety Plans (SSP) and multilateral organisations, such as the WHO, in developing its capacity-building strategy.

Develop suitable business models and financing mechanisms

We support our clients in reinventing the way they create and capture value through their business models. From start-ups to service providers and even networks and large organisations, we help them shape the story that explains how their enterprise works and how they are financially sustainable. For instance, we have guided our customers in developing business models and financial mechanisms of resource recovery and reuse systems using effluents from wastewater treatment plants in Jordan, Peru and India.

Make an idea grow into an actual innovation in the field

By working together with experts from different disciplines, exciting ideas develop again and again. Sometimes projects and organisations emerge from such innovation windows. We know these processes from our own experience! For instance, we have helped create a greenhouse growing mangos and bananas in the middle of Switzerland and an innovation centre for logistics and supply chain management in central Europe. As entrepreneurs, we have established a sustainable tourism agency, the first water and sanitation incubator globally, and our own virtual venue platform to offer online events!

Co-creation and co-design are powerful forces for creativity and collaboration. They promote constructive reflection and dialogue, engage, and empower people to generate ideas and collaboratively create solutions that meet actual needs and are usable.

Michael Kropac

What sets us apart

  • We understand the social dynamics of working with stakeholders and offer them a constructive space that enables collaboration.

  • We believe in prototyping and testing, generating try-learn cycles to continuously strengthen your business model and project.

  • We synergise! We believe that genuine cooperation can make us release tons of creative synergy.

Let´s work together!

Suppose you are looking for an innovation’s manager and facilitator, someone who will bring your stakeholders together to develop an actual implementation in the field. In that case, you are in the right place! Contact us, and we will get it done!

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