seecon is like a Swiss child whose maternal grandmother immigrated years ago from Latin America. Not only does it speak Spanish very well, but it has a very Latin character, given the blood that runs through its veins. And it’s true, not only do we have actual Latinos on our team, but more than half of the team speaks Spanish and has experience in the region.

Our beginnings in this region

Since the beginning of seecon were eager to work in Latin America. We were attracted to its contrasts, diversity, and challenges. However, it wasn’t until 2012, when it finally happened. Together with our partner, SARAR from Tepoztlan, Mexico, we first offered our course on Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management, which we then repeated in Peru, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Brazil, with the support of the IADB and Cap-Net.



Our vision of Latin America

Our mission is to strengthen the technical, ethical, and managerial capacities of authorities and entrepreneurs to provide vital services to the population and thus provide the conditions for development and well-being.

Leonellha Barreto Dillon

What we do in this region

Some examples of our initiatives in Latin America are:


  • Together with the Interamerican Development Bank and SARAR, we developed an online toolbox to support practitioners in Mexico to plan and design water and sanitation systems in rural areas.


  • In collaboration with the SDC and local partners, such as University La Molina, we support entrepreneurs with the implementation of water, energy, and nutrient reuse systems in Peru. 


  • We work closely with the WHO and PAHO to promote safe sanitation systems and build capacity of national and regional authorities in Sanitation Safety Planning.

Let’s work together!

We still have a lot to do. But, together, we will be able to bring innovative solutions to the significant challenges of this region. Contact us!

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